Winning MOC

The first round of the Top MOC Competition is over: Round 1 - December/January Final Rankings!

Congratulations to Jason Allemann for his entry: MOC-3955 - Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture (Core). This amazing MOC shows the underlying mechanism for his complete sculpture shown in the video below. For a seemingly simple device, the movements of the mythological figure are eerily realistic.

First place was reached very quickly, and the MOC remained there for the whole competition period. At times it looked like Thorsten's BMW was rushing to overtake it, but it never quite got there.

Runner's Up

The next three MOCs were also awesome creations, but just couldn't generate the same level of interest as Jason's winning model.

BMW M4 DTM - Post - RC by Thorsten50

RC Mini Jeep by Chade

LEGO Technic Custom Forklift Mk II by Kevin Moo

Competition Rule Changes

Starting with the February round, I've reduced the number of days for MOCs to collect Likes from 28 days down to 14 days. Without this, there is only a very small window to submit a new MOC for a round after it has started. Besides, most MOCs don't rise in the rankings much after their first two weeks.

So this means that for the February round, there is still plenty of time for new MOCs to be submitted and potentially knock the leader off first place!


  • 4 years ago scouse3 Level 9
    Well done Jason, I have now made three of them for gifts to friends..........thanks again for the great model.....about to start the penguin tramel.......
  • 4 years ago Syniztah Level 4
    Congrats Jason - I have My Sisyphus sitting on my desk! Looks amazing. Well done!
  • 4 years ago theskirrid Level 30 MOC Designer ADMIN
    Congrats Jason, a worthy winner, but that Beemer was my personal favourite.
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