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The Ghostbusters Headquarters Firehouse is similar to sets that have been submitted to LEGO Ideas, including one by the original Ecto 1 designer Brent Waller. I can't understate how massive this set is! It actually took me something like 2 months to finish building this - mainly because of the need to take photos, and inability to dedicate the many, many hours needed to finish it!


This set contains 4639 parts (with 143 spares!) - the third largest model ever released by LEGO after the Taj Mahal and Millenium Falcon UCS sets. Due to it's size, it comes in a very large box measuring 18.5 x 48.5 x 58 cm and weighing 6.5kg. In fact, there are two large boxes within the main box - presumably to help with the box strength and keep it rigid.

The instruction booklet (at 418 pages) gets quite a workout, but survived intact. It's printed on black glossy paper like several LEGO Ideas sets have been, which I dislike. It collects fingerprints too easily, and it can be difficult to make out the proper colors of parts sometimes.




New part elements (except Minifig parts):

  • 98368 Toolbox new in Dark Blue
  • 60797c03 Door w 3 Panes new in Dark Brown
  • 93221 Radio Boom Box new in Light Bluish Gray
  • 23969 Panel 1x2x1 with Sides new in Light Bluish Gray
  • 30340 Toilet Seat new in Reddish Brown
  • 60601 Glass for Window new in White


There are 9 minifigs and 3 ghost figures. The four Ghostbuster minifigs have slightly different torso prints and some also have new hair parts.

Where there are two minifigs in the photos below, the one on the left is the old minifig from the LEGO Ideas set 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto 1.

With their backpacks on, they are too heavy and tip backwards. They can only stand up if you put the hose into their hands so it props them up. The backpacks themselves are identical to the ones in the LEGO Ideas Ecto 1 set.

Louis actually get's two heads - one is double sided, the other has the chinstrap print and is meant to be used with a helmet.

The three ghosts have printed faces, but they feel like they could scratch off easily. I'm not sure if that's because of the different plastic used for the transparency.


There are several modules that are built separately and can be detached from the final building when completed - similar to sets from the Modular Buildings theme.

Build - Ground Floor

The whole thing is built on one and a half baseplates - a total of 48 x 32 studs in size.

The ground floor has thick walls to support the buildings weight. Technic beams are used to help strengthen the sides that open up, and there are multiple hinges to help spread the weight when they do open up.

The main front doors are nicely done, and contain a smaller minifig sized door that can open separately.

And finally, the ground floor is complete! You can see the many hinges used to open up the sides of the building - they need to support quite a bit of weight later on. The whole thing feels very sturdy.

The reception area is very open and spacious, but is not big enough to fit the LEGO Ideas Ecto 1 car inside. Maybe the upcoming Ecto 1 car will be smaller and fit better.

Build - First Floor

Immediately things are a bit brighter on this floor compared to the dark feeling of the ground floor.

There are many small items and pieces of furniture on this floor. They all have some great details and are fun to build.

The chairs around the table are not actually connected to anything and will slide around as you manipulate the build. A bit annoying - especially for photo taking.

Build - Bathroom

I started to take it easier with the photos about now, otherwise there would just be too many :)

I presume all the yellow parts around the toilet is ghost ectoplasm or something. At least I hope so.

Build - Pool/Entertainment Room

I don't remember this room from the movie, but I guess even if it wasn't in there they had to put something on this floor.

Again, so many impressive details here.

Build - Lab

I guess this is Egon's lab. I don't know why there are stickers on the wall for Vigo. But then again, I can't remember much about that terrible sequel.

Build - Starcase

This module covers two floors and creates the fire-escape on the outside of the building that covers all three floors.

Build - Roof

There's not much to the roof, mainly the hinge joint.

Completed Model

There are some transparent rods to connect the flying ghosts to random spots on the walls of the building. I must admit, the outside of the building looks pretty boring - but is a very faithful reproduction of the movie set.

With so much attention to detail everywhere, it's a shame that the back of the building doesn't look very good. The backs of panels and mismatched colors seem very out of place compared to everything else.

The completed building opens up fairly easily and gives you easy access to all the googies inside. The small wall opens up 180 degrees while the larger section only opens 90 degrees.

Since the walls are fairly heavy, it doesn't take too much opening/closing of them before the tiles on the ground floor start to get scratched up.


At a cost of US $350, this is a very large and very expensive set. If you're a fan of modular buildings, you'll probably love this one too. Even though its technically not compatible with other modulars, it's not hard to just sit them next to each other and use the gap as a small alley-way.

Being such a large set, there are so many little features and the designers have paid great attention to detail everywhere (except the back of the building!). There are doors and drawers everywhere, and plenty of things to play with.

Disclaimer: This LEGO set was provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.


  • 1 month, 3 weeks ago Justin129 Level 3
    Hi there
    Glad to be acquainted with you. I'm a building lego lover and I'm also looking for a famous store to place a lego according to my wishes. 

    I am also looking forward to learning from you.

    Thanks a lot..!!!
  • 3 years, 7 months ago vcau32 Level 2
    just wanted to say the gameroom is there.. In GB2, the famous scene with the dancing toaster.. And what you call egon's lab is the photo lab.. Yep They had it in the ninetees before everything went digital haha..
  • 3 years, 8 months ago hellscaretaker Level 2
    I can recall the team playing pool in one of the movies. I be honest i don't use the instruction manuals i put them away and instead download the instructions on to my tablet and build that way, so saving the manual finger marks etc. One of the worst manuals to handle was the death star the pages where so weak they could easier rip
  • 3 years, 9 months ago Mr.ShinyAndNew Level 9
    I more or less agree with everything in this review. Build-wise, it's like a modular building, only one that opens like a dollhouse. The build isn't difficult and there aren't many neat tricks but the end result is nice. It's worth it for fans of the movie or people who like realistic buildings or people who want dark red pieces.

    The "lab" mentioned in the review is actually a photo-processing dark room. This is why the windows use white panels to block out the light. In the second movie some photos they are manually developing and hanging around the darkroom suddenly burst into flame. Winston, who is outside, has to smash the door in with a fire extinguisher to get them out. This little vignette perfectly captures that segment.

    Some other bits from the second movie: slime bursting through the sidewalk, a silver toaster (made from a single hinge brick with silver stickers and a grille piece), and the ghetto blaster used to play music to make the toaster dance. I think there was a pool table in the second movie as well.

    Structurally, I find that the roof keeps popping off and the sides that open are not very stable. I think I'd prefer if it wasn't modular and just opened up. I have considered trying to rebuild it with the hinges in a different spot to make it more stable but it's tricky. I am careful, however, to lift the wall sections slightly when opening or closing so that they don't rub on the tiles.

    As for parking the car inside: you can do it if you remove all the furniture from the main floor. The car just barely fits.

    One other thing: I found that the instruction manual worked better than I expected. Usually I hate the square-bound manuals because they don't stay open. This one did, and so I didn't have to force it open. I used the spare fire pole as a bookmark.
  • 3 years, 9 months ago Bill_the_Bear Level 4
    Nice review. I've just a couple of comments I can think of right now:

    1. Like you said the Ecto 1 car doesn't fit on the ground level, which I thought had been promised it would. I wasn't aware there was another Ecto 1 on the way but it would have to be substantially smaller. I moved a few of the tables and things around on the ground floor but still could only just get the Ecto 1 in with the bonnet sticking out the garage doors. Looking from the front of the firehouse the left hand garage door cannot open up as much as its obstructed by the lockers on that side of the build. I can't recall exactly but I think this may only be an issue if the wall is closed instead of open to 90degs. This meant that the Ecto 1 could catch on the left hand door and typically parts would get pulled off it.

    <strike>2. Slimer is shown sitting on one of the transparent booms but I could that, unlike the other ghosts, he would not connect to it. He could just be rested on the top, but the slightest jolt would dislodge him. I'm pretty sure I've not done anything wrong. My solution in the end was to find a spare part (probably from a different set) that I could use to fit to the boom and then go into the underside of the Slimer model. He is now securely attached. I can't help thinking however, that there should have been a secure fixing provided.</strike>

    All in all these issues are minor compared with some issues I've had on other sets and I'd say I am very pleased with this as a result. At the price being charged I think they could have provided an Ecto 1 car with the set, but all in all this is a great job done. 9.5/10 or better I would say.

    Oh yes, one other very minor thing. I notice that in your pics the diagonal for the traffic light is straight and not curved like in the instructions. I too found it difficult to get this right. These curved sections don't want to be bent and will snap back to straight. I imagine that with more force I could bend the piece, but I suspect I would risk damaging it, and even if successful it would tend to move over time. So typically I've left it straight! You've never know if you hadn't looked at the picture of how its supposed to be, but it is tricky when you reach this instruction but aren't sure how to achieve the desired effect without damaging the piece. Perhaps Lego should provide guidance on bending these pieces properly? Because all the other instructions are so precise it makes this one seem ambiguous, and you feel hesitant about trying anything when 99% of other Lego steps allow for no variation.
    • 3 years, 9 months ago Nathan Level 28 Site Admin ADMIN
      Slimer can sit on the 1x2 plate at the end of the transparent rod quite securely - are you connecting him with both studs?
      • 3 years, 9 months ago Bill_the_Bear Level 4
        Annnnnnd.... you are 100% correct. Don't know what I was doing wrong before to fail to get that working!
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