5867 Semi Cab Transformer




Here is my 5867 Semi Cab transformer, my 27th alternate for 5867 and my 4th transformer.

Second place winner of the 2018 creator alternate build competition.

In robot mode it features moving legs, feet, head, arms, and hands. The robot is also very playable and can be positioned in lots of funny expressions. 

In Semi cab mode it features seats that fit minifigs, an can easily be modified to haul a trailer. Semi cab mode is the sturdier of the two, and the legs and arms can be securely attached without adding or removing parts. 

For me, the hinges in the set are pretty old and loose, and do not hold the legs up very well. Keep in mind though, that this set has gotten a lot of use from me, so maybe if you haven't clipped and un-clipped your hinges as often they will work better. Still, if you have any hinges that are newer and/or sturdier I might recommend swapping them out for a better play experience.

Steps to Transform:
     1. Unclip the legs from the bottom of the cab
     2. Hinge the legs and feet down so the robot is standing up
     3. Unfold the arms
     4. Push the head up and position it how you like

I had a lot of fun building this MOC, and I hope you will too!

Feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions for improvement in the comments below. Also, please take a look at my other 5867 alternates. 

If you enjoy seeing my work and download a lot of my building instructions, I would appreciate donations of any amount to paypal.me/Turbo8702. Thanks!
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Name 5867 Semi Cab Transformer
Designer Turbo8702
Designed 2018
Inventory 257 parts
Theme Creator > Model > Creature
Alternate Build of 5867-1 Super Speedster
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