RC Hotrod Wrecker




Custom Hot Rod Wrecker

Remote controlled features:
-drive (2 × PF L)
-steering (PF servo)
-2-speed gearbox (PF M)
-auto crane with winch (PF M)

Other features:
-live axle push-rod suspension
-working steering wheel
-working gear stick
-removable roof
-opening doors
-working V8 fake engine


The suspension:
The front and rear axles are live axles with four-four trailing arms and Watt's linkage which prevents sideways motion with a much more vertical motion in contrast with the Panhard rod. Watt's linkage is quite popular in hot and rat rods' suspensions.
The axles have push rod suspension instead of being directly connected to the shock absorbers, and this ensures that the load on the shock absorbers are longitudinal. This results is a very responsive suspension with low friction. Actually this is the best suspension I ever built on my own.
The front push rods are attached to the lower trailing arms, just like in many hod and rad rods.

The masterpiece Steering:
In the steering system (Pitman arm + drag-link) everything is doubled to minimize backlash. There is quite amount of backlash, and surprisingly enough, the most backlash is not caused by the linkage but the gearbox (only a gear reduction and a doubled bevel gear pair). Despite the backlash, the car drives okay but doesn't like bumps.

Model facts:
-Size: 48 × 22 × 16 cm
-Scale: approx. 1:9

Remote controled options:
- 1x Sbrick or
- 1x Buwizz or
- 2x PF Recievers

Original model designer - Lipko
Link to original model - https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-2635/Lipko/hot-rod-wrecker/#comments
Mods and instruction - Steelman14a

Note! Parts not in inventory:
3x PF extension wires short
1x string 50cm

All chrome parts can be either:
- Replaced by Light grey blue parts
- Or bought on Bricklink

NOTE: Gears in the steering mechanism should be perfectly aligned (some axles are 90° some are 45° rotated), otherwise the steering won't work well or won't work at all. If this is missed by the builder, it will be almost impossible to fix later.

Update!!  Added 3x 6542 gears to part list. Thanks to Ogeleor

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Name RC Hotrod Wrecker
Designer Steelman14a
Designed 2019
Inventory 1641 parts
Theme Technic
Old Trafford
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