31015 - Digger




Alternate #13.8 for 31015 - Digger
I am following the advice of TurboRatRods, showing my train of thought when designing a MOC.
This digger was the first step in design on the way to the Snowplow. After building it, I had a look at the remaining pieces, and tried to find a use for them. The first thought was to build another submodel, such as a dig-site. Then I remembered that some diggers have a jointed structure, and decided to add the ball joint to give the MOC further articulation. I also added some plates to restrict freedom of movement - I didn't want the MOC to fold up and down, only sideways. At this point it got a bit large, so I made the blade bigger. Now it looked more like a snowplow to me, so there you are. Train of thought (pun intended) described. If it helps anybody - Job done!
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Name 31015 - Digger
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 37
Theme Creator > Basic Model > Construction
Alternate Build of 31015-1 Emerald Express
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