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Frustrated with the amount of Brick and Axle Separator v2.0 (PART 96874) in your collection? Don’t know what to make with them? Time to incorporate them into a SPACESHIP!!!

Behold, the Trio-Engine Vehicle #3.

Named after its powerful engine configuration, the TEV3 Enforcer is an armed, high-speed, flying vehicle used mostly on atmospheric and low orbit patrol by law enforcement and security agencies. Although it is capable of reaching nearby satellites, space stations, and moons using only engine thrust, the Enforcer lacks any faster-than-light capability to move across long distances in space.

What it lacks in interplanetary speed it gains in maneuverability thanks to its advanced multi-directional tail design.

Nevertheless, the Enforcer is packed with technology, equipped with two twin-cannon high-yield energy weapons, double military-issued combat shields, internal modular reactor, and the aforementioned engines, the Enforcer is ready to catch up or blast away anything out of the sky.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Construction Steps: 187
Pages: 114

About the build:
  • No landing struts.
  • Sits 1 mini-figure.
  • Hidden reactor.
  • 2 spring shooters.

Before you buy:
  • Verify the parts inventory and make sure that you have the pieces required to complete the build.
  • The instructions are created and exported into a ".PDF" file, it is your responsibility to find a suitable program for opening the file.
  • A sample page is included in the description for your consideration.

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Name MOC TEV3 Enforcer
Designer RenderMOC
Designed 2016
Inventory 376 parts
Theme Space
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