70826 - RexQuad




Alternate #2 for 70826 - The RexQuad! (I think all alternates from this set require exclamation points...)
It took this long for a new alternate because my 6-year-old doesn't permit me to take this set apart... so I sneak alternates when he's not looking. If he finds me out I am in trouble.
This Quad is actually an Emmet build. You can tell by the lowering safety rails on both sides of the cabin, which can also serve as hand-brakes (or hand-breaks, for the Master-Breakers among you). It has two light-guns on the front which Emmet can take with him (Nexo Knight style). It think the RexQuad looks quite nice with and without them. In a weak attempt to appear badass, Emmet added the spiky wheels to the front. I don't think it's working out for him.
The build is studless, sturdy and rolls great. 

This model can be built at the same time as the CrabPlane:
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Name 70826 - RexQuad
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 127
Theme The LEGO Movie > The LEGO Movie II
Alternate Build of 70826-1 Rex's Rex-treme Offroader!
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