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I have been collecting Lego since 2014, although I do not see myself as a serious collector. I use Lego as a creative outlet and a distraction to focus my mind, as an autistic this is really important as it is calming and allows me to organise my thoughts. With my MOCs I try to create sturdy, playable models (even though I am too old to play with Lego....) that are also good enough to be display pieces. So please enjoy and feel free to leave suggestions or comments :)


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  • 1 week, 3 days ago Theoderic (5267) MOC Designer PRO
    Nice job, it looks amasing. 
    The seats look like a pair of startled skeletons, that made me laugh, a bit, too much......sorry ;)
  • 1 month ago Theoderic (5267) MOC Designer PRO
    Good review, thank you. A very nice set, definitely a must  have for me.